Stripped down Syfta soothe the Acoustic cafe.

Top local band ‘Syfta’ were the headline act this week, and what a job they did. Appearing with a cajon, electric guitar, bass acoustic guitar and Vocals, Harry, Joe, Jake and Olly took to the stage and impressed the crowd.

Their opener caught the crowds attention, being upbeat, displaying a solidified unity throughout the band and a real rawness.

They continued into their super cover of ‘Naive’, the famous hit by ‘The Kooks’, which ensured they were going to be heard.

Their next song was their new single ‘Breathe’, a fast tempo track containing grit and guts, high energy, a simple hook, ‘I just need to Breathe’, which sticks in your head like glue as Harry roars it down the mic.

The band display a broad knowledge of their instruments, and music in general. Olly doesn’t sit on root notes, he times fills efficiently and uses the fretboard to the whole band’s advantage.

Harry sings every line with true passion, holds strums the guitar chords to perfection, and driving the rhythm whilst Jake expands the sound, convicting the Caged system of the Guitar to colour in the chord progressions Harry provided, as well as various melodic work, and expressing his personality and the context of each song with the logical selection of notes.

Joe is a specialist on drums, knowing what to play and when. His technique is impeccable but he drums with his head, knowing how little or much to play. His fills kick through you on the full kit but he adapts them to the cajon personifying excellence.

I know this band haven’t been together long in the current line up, but having recently hit the studio as well as the O2 Ritz supporting The Ks, it is clear, this band are on to something big and I am glad to say that I have seen them before.

Click the links below to hear some!

Best of luck boys.

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