Featured Artist: Ruins 03/03/20

It was amazing to see so many new faces at Tuesday’s open mic, one of which being Lloyd from Liverpool duo and our featured artist Ruins. Listen to them on Spotify and you will hear that Ruins have a beautifully crafted sound that contrasts bright soprano vocals with harmonic bass lines and pumping drum machines. I was already intrigued as to how this would translate into an intimate acoustic setting but we also found that due to unforseen circumstances, Lloyd would be playing the set by himself.

He brought a real friendly and welcoming presence to the open mic and on a night already full of new and surprising performances he hit us with his incredible falcetto tones. He took the time to explain how he isn’t usually the one in the duo to play the acoustic guitar however confidently and faultlessly played a mix of dynamic rhythms and arpeggiated chord progressions. He certainly held his own and proved himself as an excellent solo performer.

The set was made up of Ruins originals, all of which had a chilled out and melodic vibe. It was a set that held the attention of the audience throughout and with Lloyd going solo I feel that we were treated to a rare version of Ruins music in it’s purest form. Since Tuesday I have repeatedly revisited their releases on Spotify. It really is great to have heard the songs in a more stripped back manner but I now want to invite them back to give them another chance of performing as a duo!

Listen to some of lloyds set here: https://www.facebook.com/acousticcafeopenmic/videos/490468414963188/

Listen to their spotify here: https://open.spotify.com/artist/190f3S49voaDKL9omgO8YE?si=1XccPMN0QcuYI5ibPgjVCQ

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