Matty Hignett featured artist

Matty Hignett of Filthy Tricks played our open mic as featured artist and it’s been a long time coming.

Matty is a huge name in the Warrington music scene.

He opened with his original song ‘Sweep’ and smashed it in front of our attentive audience.

‘If you go down I’m following’ a hugely memorable lyric from his 2nd song.

The real grit in Matty’s voice roars above the guitar he beats into the ground. (His poor strings).

Matty displayed an exemplary display of his vocal range in his cover of Kate Bush’s ‘Wuthering Heights’.

Matty’s Guitar rhythm is consistent and despite off beat rhythms Matty, never strays from the beat and sustains his timing.

His songs rarely use the same chord patterns and he really knows how to introduce a song using comedy to tell stories about his songs.

Aggressive, hard hitting guitar playing appears to be a theme in his music.

Matty proves to be confident and way above competent as a performer, he performing riffs and chord patterns.

If you haven’t seen or heard him play, then get out to his regular open mic at Austin’s on a Sunday or get out and watch him perform with Filthy Tricks! An exceptional band with all the pedigree to go the distance.

Check out their latest single ‘Walk in Line’ via the following links.

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