Featured Artist: Abi Rose Kelly 18/02/20

Usually we book our featured artists based on seeing them play before and because we already know and love them as an artist. To be completely honest I didn’t know too much about Abi before Tuesday other than the fact that Dylan Rodrigues, one of our previous featured artists, had recently supported her. She was actually recomended to us by local music champions WAM – Warringtonmusic.co.uk, who were subsequently ‘taking over’ the night and filming all of the artists. I trusted their judgement and was excited to meet and hear Abi play for the first time.

After a busy start to the night and a varied and high standard of performers preceeding her, Abi seemed unphased by the occasion and began to show us why she was the featured artist. Her voice has so much style and edgyness to it with plenty of grit, subtle vibratos and varied dynamics. It’s such a satisfying sound and one that you would not usually expect from a female artist. She reminded me of a female Van McCann, and although her songs have a bit of a Catfish and the Bottlemen vibe about them too, there is something else there that is just Abi Rose Kelly. She instantly stood out to me as a star in the making, with confident and consistent guitar playing and lashings of style in everything that she does.

Evidently already on a lot of people’s radars and with a very high standard release on Spotify (listen to James’ Corsa) Abi is still very young and it seems to me that she has a very bright future ahead of her. You can catch some of her performance  from Tuesday here;


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