Rhys Hopkins Featured Artist

The acoustic cafe brought the glowing young Musician Rhys Hopkins. A fantastic singer songwriter who at the age of 15 has done a fair amount in a short time. His time to show the Tuesday night crowd what he could do as a vocalist, guitarist, harmonica player and songwriter was only a matter of time away.

Rhys started at a fast pace, with his song, ‘Hey you’ being the opener. A great introduction which is certainly one to look out for.

Rhys keeps his introductions short and simple, describing his 2nd number as a story about 2 people. It was received with humour. A wonderful insight into his genius as a songwriter.

Rhys played two show stopping covers in his set, firstly a Gerry Cinnamon song, followed by a brilliant rendition of Neil Young’s ‘Hey Hey, My My’, both in which he displayed excellent use of the harmonica.

Rhys uses various types of standard open chords as well as various single note runs using alternative picking, proving himself as an able and competent guitarist.

He performs with passion, and his voice carries the emotions of each song clearly throughout.

‘That’s just how we live’ was a prime example of his songwriting ability, telling ‘a story’, as once again he introduces without giving too many secrets away.

Rhys’ is consistent with using 3 – 4 chord patterns over memorable melodies, which work against the norm and their uses are incomparable to any songs I’ve heard prior, making Rhys a stand out figure to anything I’ve heard in the scene.

Despite him giving no indication into the song contexts, it is obvious he sings about varying subjects and emotions!

Rhys appears to be a well liked songwriter amongst the Warrington scene and I know for sure that with his attitude and application, combined with his musical knowledge and ability, we will begin to see a lot more of him over the next few years.

Remember the name Rhys Hopkins, because it won’t be long before his success begins to show.

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