Ellie -Jayne Featured Artist

I watched Ellie play at a Charity event a while back and saw her singing and playing ability in front of a big crowd straight away! She was always going to be brilliant for the Acoustic Cafe!

Ellie is a young Singer Songwriter from Liverpool who is signed to Big Condo Records. She has a number of relatable songs that show off various skills in her locker.

Ellie began her set with a song called ‘Shake off the Sadness’, starting off as though it was a ballad before transitioning into a four to the floor style rhythm, you could expect in a chart hit. The song is about getting up and getting on with life after a set back.

Ellie went on to perform 2 more brilliant original songs, the first being ‘Bored’, which tells the tale of being stuck in a 9-5 routine and coming home just to sleep. I think we can all relate to that one at some point.

The 2nd being ‘Old English Town’, which shows a more folk sound that Ellie brilliantly executes, with a finger picked playing style.

Ellie’s specialist features in performance are;

her emotional connection with her song subjects.

Her ability to sustain a strong technical vocal throughout, consistently demonstrating good quality legato runs over vowel sounds, controlling pitch exceptionally and solidifying diction on the most fast paced and wordy songs.

Ellie seems to be able to keep the tempo high and appears to have convicted the art of melody writing, both of which, are ingredients of an excellent songwriting recipe.

Ellie’s cover medley including Dua Lipa’s ‘One Kiss’ and Rihanna’s ‘Diamonds’ amongst many more was another attention grabber and allowed more audience interaction.

Ellie is an artist that will only get better and has set the bar high with a great debut performance in Warrington.

We hope to see Ellie Jayne at the Acoustic Cafe in the near future.

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