Featured Artist: Dylan Rodrigues – 21/01/20

We really felt like we witnessed something special on Tuesday night. In the last year Dylan has transformed from a nervous first time performer to a confident artist with great prescence, character and ability.

Musically, his vocal style is relaxed and true to his own voice with a tone that sits beautifully above his strong, confident strumming patterns. His song writing is intelligent and well thought out whilst being catchy and memorable. The main point proven on Tuesday night however is that his performances have now become so much more than this. Dylan is really starting to connect with his audiences. He has always been good at talking to the crowd between songs and giving back stories but last night, around midway through his set, he asked the crowd to start clapping along with him. It sounds basic now, but you don’t really see that in a setting as intimate as the Acoustic Cafe, and it really worked to focus the audience further onto him. It takes confidence to ask this from a realtively small room of people! Before his next song he asked everybody to get out their phones and to ‘be his stars’ by turning on their flashlights. This again, in our intimate setting gave an amazing effect, and also encouraged people to take pictures and share the experience online.

Dylan certainly proved his right to be our featured artist. I feel that he is a great credit to the local music scene at the moment and how Warrington’s seasoned artists, promoters, music journalists, venues and even Priestly College work together to nurture and support young talent. Dylan seems to have embraced this, immersing himself and making many talented and influential friends along the way. He certainly listens, learns and is only going to get better and better. We will continue to follow Dylan’s progress and hope to welcome him back again soon!

Review by Scott Laywood

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