Janet Wilson Featured Artist

Janet is a dedicated regular at the Acoustic Cafe Open Mic and it was about time she had the opportunity to showcase herself in a longer set form.

I met Janet at Hideouts open mic and always remember her powerful mid range and brilliant cover songs. Only recently have I begun to witness her writing ability.

Janet begun her set with a solid cover of ‘Riptide’, the famous Vance Joy song. A solid cover in which Janet put on a perfect display of her ability to slip in and out of her falsetto voice.

An original song called ‘Scapegoat’, a dark sounding song, with great lyrical content and incorporates a sinister key change into the Chorus.

The song is an example of Janet’s melodic structuring and ability to work against the predictable 4 chord song!

Janet is able to embody the character and emotion of a song and put herself in the persons state of mind by carrying all of the emotions of the 3rd person into her singing, delivering a more intimate display during performances.

Janet was brilliant between songs as well, communicating exceptionally with both the Audience and accompanist Mike Hilt; AKA Metal Micky.

Janet completed her set with a phenomenal cover of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Go your own way’, including some audience interaction.

I was thrilled to see Janet finally getting her shot as a headliner and she took it well, and it will be great to see her filling up her diary very soon.

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