Featured Artist: Edward Thomas – 07/01/20

It was the first open mic of 2020 and Edward Thomas was our featured artist. We first saw Ed when he came to support his friend Ade’s featured set in November. He blew us away with his technical ability on guitar and incredible vocal talent. I said at the time I was his new no.1 fan and I knew we had to have him back.

Ed began his set by denying that he was the main act, which was a testament to his modesty and also respect and appreciation for the other musicians. He then continued to play his first song, an original, and I was instantly reminded of how good he is! His playing style is intricate but at the same time rhythmic and striking. The kind of playing that you may attempt at home but then simplify if you were to play live! But Ed pulls it off flawlessly and his vocals ooze confidence and power accross a wide range. His use of vibrato creates stunning shimmer and the fingerstyle playing leads into his quick chord changes which lock in perfectly around his vocals. He captures your attention and you sit in awe, thinking that this performance would not be out of place on an arena stage.

Ed has a range of songs from slow and intimate to powerful and upbeat. He also played a great version of Carly Simon – You’re So Vain, which I’m convinced is about me. Ed’s style translates perfectly into this track and also went down very well on the live stream, racking up a fair amount of views (despite the poor internet connection!) Following his set Ed stuck around to watch all of the other artists, showing great support for them and the night itself. It was a pleasure to have him and of course Ade back over from Manchester and we hope to welcome them again soon.

By Scott Laywood

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