Nathan Greenfield Featured Artist

Well, a night at the Acoustic Café for our ever growing Acoustic Cafe open mic night! This week it was Nathan Greenfield, famously of ‘La Scala’, now known as ‘The Alligners’, (due to their ability to fit things.

Nathan begun his set with an original song that he performed emotionally and completely.

The more subtle nature of his performance came through on his Alex Turner Cover ‘Ma Tree’, which showed off his ability to convict melodies vocally, and showed off his softer mid range.

Nathan then followed this up with the original song ‘Small Talk.’ The song demonstrates Nathan’s lyrical prowess. Nathan described it as erotic, but what we saw as a great tune. He perfectly constructs a chord sequence with a solid strumming pattern, and a great beat, with a clear indication of how he feels about a person.

The chorus lyrics, ‘There’s something about the way that you move, that makes me want to be with you’, is a prime example of how simplistic story telling shines through Nathan’s songwriting, whilst in performance allows him to experiment melodically and explore the different ranges of his vocals.

Throughout the whole of his performances, Nathan creates a choir with his audiences encouraging harmonies from us, engaging in sing alongs, evident in Oasis covers of the songs ‘She’s Electric and ‘Talk Tonight’, whilst accompanied in the presence of percussionist and backing vocalist Curtis.

This showcase from Nathan was a masterclass in communication with both Crowd and fellow musicians, knowledge of tempo and timing, and general musicianship. He encapsulated all of the elements of music in simple melodic and chord structures, without using the obvious chord patterns of his genre, yet still making them Catchy!

His original music, expresses his influences, as well as his charismatic personality and embodies an assured confidence and real sense of self.

What a fantastic way to finish off the year at the Acoustic Café. If we can get more Featured Artists like Nathan, I’m sure the Open mic will continue to be well attended by both musicians and live music lovers across Warrington.

There is more to come from Nathan and The Alligners in the New Year, so follow them on all good social media platforms and I’m sure you won’t regret it!

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