Featured Artist: Marc Gallagher 10/12/19

Another Tuesday rolled in, and I was apprehensive about the potential turnout due to the cold, wet weather. Mainly because I knew Marc was our featured artist. I really wanted it to be a great night for him and I wanted as many people as possible to witness his talents!

Marc was there in good time, setting up all of his new album merch and allowing his two ukes to adjust to the temperature of the room. We had our regular jazzmaster Haydn open for us and after a while, to our delight, the Acoustic Cafe began to fill up with customers who were out for christmas drinks. I decided to put Marc on earlier than planned to ensure he was playing whilst we were busy, and his experience of playing to crowds in venues all over the world really came into it’s own.

Marc is able to read the audience, interact with them, take requests (they should call him the Ukebox) but also plays his own songs with such confidence and ability that the audience remain captivated.

The sound of his vocals accompanied by ukulele adds a new but somewhat familiar vibe. I remember thinking how the customers must have felt like they were drinking in a bar on holiday, not out on a rainy Tuesday in Warrington!

Marc played a selection of tracks from his new album ‘Songs from a happy winter’ mixed in with some crowd pleasing covers. He even played an off the cuff duet with another regular, Kerry, who he had never met before but pulled out another one from the Ukebox for her to sing along to.

We really hope Marc can make it along again soon. He seems to be cropping up a bit more in Warrington and hopefully that will continue!

Review by Scott Laywood

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