Laura and Deon featured artist

The Acoustic Cafe was a storm yet again! We had some fantastic performances as always with no exception to our Featured Artist for the evening, Laura and Deon.

Laura and Deon are an Acoustic Duo with a combination of Original and Cover material. They hit the set running with their Original tune ‘Just the Start’, which consists of a funky 3 chord pattern, capturing audience attention from the get go.

The Guitar parts throughout the set are a reflection of this dynamic duo. The 2 play on similar positions on the neck but their parts are much different. On their cover of Ed Sheeran’s ‘Small Bump’ Laura vamped the basic chords, whilst Deon filled the spaces!

The pair gave the impression of drums being behind them with the way they slapped the guitar strings like a snare drum. This driving rhythm had their audience dancing.

Their original song ‘Into my Mind featured this percussive strumming pattern from Laura, and a jumpy walking Bass Line from Deon. A real, bluesy number that got the crowd hooked. The simpleness of the vocal melody was calming and although Laura conveys a seemingly shy persona, she controls her vocals exceptionally and smiles at her audience.

The audience were later singing along to the original covers of pixie Lott’s ‘Mama do’, which left some intrigue as the audience were stuck until the chorus. The real winners were the 2 festive numbers ‘Baby it’s cold Outside’ and ‘Rocking around the Christmas Tree’.

All in all a fantastic performance and I’m sure there will be plenty to see and hear from these guys in the future!

Find them on Instagram Lauradeonmusic.

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