Eleanor Nelly Featured Artist

It was a fantastic open mic night once again at the Acoustic Cafe where an array of performers took to the stage to give us many songs! All the performers were fantastic, and delivered their sets brilliantly. One of those performers was Eleanor Nelly.

Eleanor Nelly was surely destined to be a professional musician from a young age. When I met Eleanor, she was a 16 year old, about to take my GCSE music class with only a few months left. I am delighted to see that she has continued and developed her performing ability as a well trained singer and guitarist.

Eleanor is known for her relateable songwriting style. Her songs cross between general pop and folk and the lyrical content is true to her heart! In her song eventually she discussed a trip to Nashville and how she is susceptible to getting her heartbroken.

Her single ‘Polaroid’ she discusses how the world is making decisions that is destroying us. The lines ‘but if we can stand still, we can be something real, and not be another moment destroyed’, reflect her perception of the current political climate and how we can provide solutions.

Her soaring, soulful voice and amazing connection emotionally with her songs makes Eleanor unique as a local artist and will take her far!

Eleanor Captivates audience with her softly spoken tone whilst even introducing her songs, at moments stunning them to silence. She has such great control over her voice and performs with a smile.

This makes Eleanor, one to watch in 2020. Look her up on Facebook, Instagram, Spotify and LinkedIn and I’m sure you will all agree.

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