Album Review: Marc Gallagher – Songs From A Happy Winter

I have been a fan of Marc for a few years and even bought his last album ‘Level Up’ which he released in 2018. Marc will be our featured artist for the open mic at Acoustic Cafe Warrington on 10th December and due to this, I have been lucky enough to get hold of Marc’s pre release pack and the chance to review his new album ‘Songs From A Happy Winter’ ahead of his set on the 10th and before it’s launch on the 2nd of December.

The album is actually a follow up to his first, titled ‘Songs From a Shit Summer’ and Marc says the new album ‘Songs From A Happy Winter’ aims to show how he has evolved emotionally since then (2017). A few seconds into track 1 ‘English Country Day’ I was finding that he has evolved massively in music too! The production is leagues ahead of his previous work and the timings/rhythmic relationships between uke & drums much more refined. Marc uses jangly guitars and twinkly pianos to add sparkle to the recordings and the vocals flawlessly shine through, seamlessly backed up in places with a double or harmony. It is clear Marc has really spent his time wisely. Nothing feels rushed, there are lovely breaks, stripped back bridges and cheeky guitar solos. It really shows off Marcs wide repetoir of talents and there are nods to his recent escapades in Europe with a song called Mademoiselle, a brilliant Spanish section in ‘The Next Move’ and ‘Uberrascht’ and ‘Vorbei Komme’ sang entirely in German. Not speaking german myself, Marc clarified that;

‘Überrascht is about living in Berlin and not doing much with my time, Vorbei Komme is about an Austrian date of mine’

There is no stand out song here, each has it’s place and each has it’s own ‘thing’ that makes it special. I could listen all day, and probably will. Well done Marc, you must be really proud of this one!

Marc will be featured at our open mic on Tues 10th December and his album launch night will be at The Old Pint Pot in Salford on 2nd December.

Review by Scott Laywood

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