Featured Artist: Ade 12/11/19

Ade is an artist making waves in the Manchester scene and somebody I wanted to introduce to the Warrington circuit. I first met Ade when he featured a popular open mic in Salford and have followed his progress ever since. He mixes themes of heartbreak with heart warming, care-free music and a real sense of innocence. His song ‘The Sweetest Thing I Know” is a tribute to the small things that make you smile in everyday life, accompanied by beautifully written fingerstyle chord progressions. The lyrics are sure to make you sit back and reflect on all that is beautiful in the world, and with Ade’s music.

Ade took to our stage with a calm and friendly presence, bringing the room to silence waiting patiently for him to begin. He introduces each song with a little back story which gives you a window into his life and song writing process. His talent is instantly evident in his intricate playing style and the way that he delicately picks out melodies for you to tap along to.

His performance perfectly complimented the feel of the night, with the other musicians sharing their appreciation of his music and likewise. We hope to welcome Ade back again soon! Hear his album here: https://open.spotify.com/album/0UfS6UnUmVPGKZspvPByrJ?si=jNRgBuSWTB2wKQPJVCpmDA

Review by Scott Laywood

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